Meet the Beast after dinner at Be Our Guest


Be Our Guest Restaurant is a Beauty and the Beast themed restaurant where you can eat in the Beast’s castle. It is located at the Magic Kingdom in the Beauty and the Beast themed area of Fantasyland.
Eating at the Be Our Guest restaurant was on my Disney bucket list, I couldn’t wait to go and it took weeks before we could get a reservation and when we did finally get a reservation it was for six months away, it seemed like forever. Disney did not disappoint though and I would wait again to eat at the Beast’s castle! The restaurant has perfect theming and Disney thought of everything to make this a magical meal.
We ate dinner at the restaurant, they do serve breakfast and lunch but you can not meet the Beast during those times. We wanted to meet the Beast so I didn’t even try to get reservations for breakfast or lunch, it might be easier to get a reservation at those times. There are a few different items on the menu, you can check it out ahead of time online. If you don’t have a chance to check it out online there is a menu posted at the entrance area and you can see the different food items that are offered.
They check you in 10 minutes before your reservations. After you check in you wait on the bridge or the entrance area and they will come out and call your party’s name and escort you inside through the castle doors. It feels so magical to get to walk through the giant castle doors that are guarded by the giant lion statues.

Entrance to Beast's Castle and Be Our Guest restaurant


This is a popular place to eat and the reservations fill up quickly so you will want to make reservations 180 days ahead of your trip, seriously, I tried for a while before I could get anything and I was only making a reservation for 2. It is probably harder to get for larger parties. Even though this is a hard reservation to get I think is it worth it, especially if you have a Beauty and the Beast lover in your group.

The Beast's Castle


The meal is a 3 course meal and I am pretty sure the menu changes regularly so what my daughter and I had for dinner might not be on the menu all the time. It is currently $60 per person and if you are on the dining plan it is 2 credits.

The first course, the appetizer, you choose one from the list on the menu, I chose Mixed Field Greens. It was delicious, mixed greens with sunflower seed brittle and citrus dressing, the sunflower seed brittle was sweet with a different taste and the citrus dressing was tangy and they were good together and I am not a big salad person but the other things on the list did not appeal to me. My daughter had the French Onion Soup, with crouton (bread) at the bottom of the bowl and cheeses, she enjoyed it.

Salad at Be Our Guest

The main course, entrees, we both got the filet mignon with potatoes and seasonal vegetables. This was delicious and probably the best steak I have ever had (don’t tell my husband). It was served with mashed potatoes and some seasonal vegetable (I think it was turnips and rhubarb). I am not a fan of turnips or rhubarb but they were great.

Filet Mignon at Be Our Guest

The dessert was a trio of treats, I like the fact that you didn’t have to chose and you could try them all, especially the grey stuff… it was delicious The three treats you were served were a macaroon with raspberries, dark chocolate truffle with Grand Marnier ganache and a white chocolate “chip” cup filled with the grey stuff, it was not only delicious it was so cute I almost didn’t want to eat. When the waiter brought us the desserts he said that the paper was also edible, so of course we had to try it. After trying it we asked the waiter about it because it didn’t taste like anything. He said it was rice paper. Everyone looked at us like we were crazy because we asked about eating the paper.

Desserts served at Be Our Guest   Grey Stuff at Be Our Guest






The Grand Ballroom:

The Grand Ballroom is gorgeous with the high ceiling, beautiful chandeliers and marble walls, you can look out the windows in the back of this room and see the snow falling in the enchanted forest. You feel like you are really dining in a castle. We ate in this room when we went for dinner.

Ballroom at Be Our Guest

The West Wing:

How cool that they have a west wing that you can eat in?? Even if you do not get to eat in this room you can visit it and see the enchanted rose and the torn painting of the prince. This room seemed to be where large groups were seated.

Torn painting in the West WingEnchanted Rose at Be Our Guest

The Castle Gallery:


This is the library and there is a statue of Belle and the Beast dancing. We just walked into this room and looked around, we didn’t walk all the way around. They encourage you to go see the other rooms in the castle besides the room you are dining in.




If you are having dinner at Be Our Guest you will have a chance to meet the Beast, he doesn’t meet guests during breakfast or lunch though so keep that in mind when making reservations. Before leaving the castle you can walk past all the knights of armor and meet the Beast.

Meet the Beast after dinner at Be Our Guest

I am not a foodie but I thought the food was fantastic and the atmosphere and theming were superb. The cast members here were genuinely nice and friendly. That is only one of the many things I love about Disney, their cast members are the best and always helpful and friendly.


Armor at Be Our Guest



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